Robert Lee first volunteered for us through the Americorps Delta program. He is from Baton Rouge and loves helping his city. 

Volunteer Coordinator 

Office Manager

Katie Pruett

Executive Staff

Executive Director

Project Manager

Lucy loves Jesus, scrapbooking, trying new things, and people of all ages.  She has a BBA from East Tennessee State University.  She has prior experience as a Volunteer Coordinator with the March of Dimes and Volunteer ETSU.  She resides in Prairieville with her husband, John, and they have 2 children in college.

Robert Lee

A safe and healthy home for every person in our community

Chris Andrews is a native of Opelousas, Louisiana, a graduate of Louisiana Tech and has a Master’s Degree in theology. He has been a minister for all of his working life, serving church in North and South Louisiana. He currently leads two congregations in the City of Baton Rouge and serves as Executive Director of Rebuilding Together BR.

Community Starts at Home

Katie joined us two years ago as a volunteer.  As a child, Katie helped her father maintain rent houses and learned her rebuilding skills on the job.  Today, Katie is an invaluable member of the team, leading volunteers as well as making necessary improvement to the homes of applicants.  She has a big heart and lots of skill! 

Jimmy Walters

Lucy Bailey

Project Director

Born in Houston, TX, Jimmy Walters grew up in Covington, LA.  He graduated from LSU in 1969.  Jimmy has a background in Surplus Pipe & Steel, Industrial demolition in the gulf south region. He has also remodeled and sold houses in Baton Rouge and mentored high school and college students with Appalachian Service Project from 2000-2010.

Married to Marketa Garner Walters, he is the father of 3 children and grandfather of 1. Jimmy began as a board member with Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge in 2013.  He currently works as a Project Manager coordinating small to huge groups in one to eight homes at a time.

Chris Andrews

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